Responding to the “1 in 3” Campaign

The “1 in 3” Campaign, according to the website, has the goal of “end[ing] the stigma and shame women are made to feel about abortion.”  The campaign does this largely by encouraging particular women to tell their stories.

This article by Addie Mena on The Federalist blog describes the right response to such a campaign.  From her article:

If we want to change the dialogue on abortion we must listen carefully to the “1 in 3” campaign.  We must place ourselves in their shoes and we must tell our own stories- and help those stories shape the reality we live in.

We must be able to speak to a society in which people’s dignity is determined by their choices, where disapproval for the wrong choice tolls the death knell for one’s own worth: instead we must show a world in which dignity is inherent and persists in spite of any mistake and outside of the just consequences of them.  We must place the story of “women and their families at the center” of our society, and show mercy and respect to those who are less-than-ideal because of circumstance, choice, or both.

We must take the risk of opening ourselves to stories from all walks of life—even stories that excuse the abominable—because they offer all of us valuable insight into world in which we live, and the chance to love and understand the person with that perspective is a greater gift than liability.

Just one thing to add.  The “1 in 3” Campaign clearly goes outside of its self-described purpose by advocating for legislative protection of abortion.  Such a policy stance does not clearly follow from the general idea–the one with which we should agree–that society should respect individuals, whether they procured an abortion or not.


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