PPACA Expands Availability of Abortion

So writes the Life Legal Defense Foundation.  Here, from Part 1 of their two-part article, is how:

“Abortion Premium”:  As part of its insurance exchange framework, Obamacare mandates that certain plans fund abortion through an “abortion premium” charge. Under this provision, every federally subsidized plan “shall” obtain a premium payment from every enrollee to be used exclusively for others’ elective abortions. See 42 USCS § 18023(b)(2)(B).  Known as the “Nelson Compromise,” this mandate cleverly avoids direct payment for elective abortions with tax money, allowing proponents of Obamacare to argue the Act does not fund abortion. Yet it actually does something worse by imposing this mandatory out-of-pocket premium which will fund, exclusively, elective abortions.


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