Personhood Laws

Time Magazine’s recent article on the “Personhood Movement” focuses on the rift among the anti-abortion community.  This rift is real.  And for members of the pro-abortion public that cannot bring themselves to agree with “personhood” laws, it is a good thing to publicize that the anti-abortion movement generally is a big tent with a diversity of viewpoints.

Wisconsin Right to Life, for instance, is mentioned among other groups–namely, Americans United for Life and Susan B. Anthony List–unsupportive of Personhood laws.  These organizations represent the mainstream anti-abortion community and reflect the majority view among the public that abortion should be permitted “under certain circumstances.”  It does not make one less “pro-life” to recognize that truly life-threatening pregnancies–such as ectopic pregnancies–introduce ethically complex situations in which the right answer necessarily depends on a fact-sensitive risk assessment.ueaon0p3ruoyxbxdu7gygw


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